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Stop by or call our facility and we will help turn you into your dog's hero. Please remember this quote, “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.”.

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Our goal is to give you perfect peace of mind and a rip-roaring fun time for your pup!

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What People Say About Us...

Gabrielle Goetze, DVM

"As a veterinarian, I recommend everything at K9 from their puppy socialization and training classes to doggie daycare and physical therapy. They truly recognize the importance of appropriate socialization for all dogs, and do such an amazing job tailoring each dogs experience to their individual needs and abilities! Puppy socialization and doggie daycare are fantastic ways to provide your puppy with safe, appropriate and supervised socialization, which will help your puppy grow to be a happy, well adjusted adult. Some dogs need more individual attention. The staff at K9 activity club does a fantastic job at helping build confidence in more shy dogs through individual training, or small group play. For more rambunctious dogs, the swimming pool, treadmill, and daycare are GREAT ways to burn off some extra energy! Swimming can also be a great low impact exercise for older dogs, or dogs that suffer from decreased mobility. Other dogs may need help developing the skills they need to be good doggie citizens. The trainers at K9 activity club are so knowledgeable, and great at tailoring a training plan to an individual dogs needs. From energetic youngsters to senior dogs, troublemaker pups or pooches that just need a little extra TLC, K9 Activity Club does a wonderful job tailoring your dogs experience to his or her needs! As a pet owner- I love bringing my dog “Harvey” to daycare at K9! All the staff greet Harvey by name and know all about his personality! He LOVES coming to daycare, and I love picking up a happy, tired dog!"

Kimberly F., Santa Rosa

"This place is awesome! When we moved here from Chicago finding a good doggy daycare for my Moe was a priority and I'm so happy we found K9. My dog loves going here, he drags me through the door. The staff is always friendly, helpful and I can tell has a real connections to the dogs. The facility is always clean and well maintained and Moe comes home smelling good also a good sign. I like all the outdoor space they have. We don't have a yard so I like that he gets to play outside. We have boarded Moe twice now for more than a week each time. He stays in the cottage, it's a trailer they have set up for the dogs to sleep with a human overnight. It's nice for me to know that he's sleeping somewhere that feels a little bit closer to home. It includes the daycare during the day. He sleeps for days after we bring him home cause he's so tired from having so much fun. They are always responsive when I call to check in on him. It's nice to be able to relax when I travel knowing my baby is having fun and being well taken care of. He's been groomed a few times and I am always happy with the results. His nails always look good and that's a tricky task with this dog. We have done training with Debbie and she is awesome! We were having some small behavior issues with Moe that could have turned into big ones. With just a few sessions with Debbie we have manage to turn that around. Just yesterday we took him wine tastings and he was so well behaved. People kept coming up to us telling us how good our dog was being. Very happy with K9 and would defiantly recommend it! Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!!”

Katy M., San Francisco

"We love this kennel. Our two dogs have been staying here for years and it's such a relief to be able to leave town knowing they're in good hands. When they were younger, our dogs didn't have the best social skills. In particular, our rescue dog, Willy, could be aggressive with dogs when he felt threatened. Many kennels in the area are extremely snooty and won't take your dog without a "test run"--even charging for an overnight for this purpose--to make sure the dog will never sniff another dog's butt without asking, etc. I appreciate that the owners of K9 (like the previous owner) are comfortable with all dog types, and simply don't put them with other dogs if they misbehave. Because Willy was handled well and given chances to socialize (under the watchful eyes of the staff), he actually got over his issues and now attends doggie daycare with the other pups when he goes for an overnight. I credit K9 with his rehabilitation and will always be grateful for their care and common-sense approach.

Lori T., Sebastopol

"What a great place. Children's day care should be so nice! First, it doesn't  smell like a kennel. It's really nicely appointed and they have fun things that can be purchased for your pooch in the front lobby. Everyone who came in was treated like a very honored guest as was their furry friend. These were the doggy day care types. My dogs spend nine days here as we were displaced and could not find a place that would accept dogs. When I came to get them they were in great spirits. All their belongings were labeled and the staff was great. I came by to visit them and take them out for some time during the day and they were completely happy to accommodate that. I highly recommend the K9 Activity Club and Kennel!

Katee P., Santa Rosa

"I take my miniature Aussie pup Bodie here for daycare and I can't say enough about how great this place is! The staff is SUPER friendly and knowledgeable. It eases my mind to know that Bodie is being well taken care of while I'm at work during the week. Bodie gets so excited when he knows where we're going and loves playing with the other dogs! The free puppy socials are a must if you want your puppy to have tons of fun running around with other puppies and learning social skills!!"

Stephanie D, Santa Rosa

"I've said it before...and I will say it again...this place is awesome!  Our pups are not only taken care of but loved and doted upon. Every single person that works for Alicia and Natalie have a gift for being with furry ones.  Our babies Cesare and Lucrezia thrive here and actually look forward to coming to 'school' during the week.   Each morning they are greeted by a smiling face and a "hello!" and a scratch behind the ears. They get snuggles, play, socialize and are safe.  If we have a special request, they are listened to and we feel like we have true partners in the care of our babies. When we venture out for a weekend away or vacation, Cesare and Lucrezia are right at home in the overnight facilities and although they are happy to see us when we come back, you can tell they have had a great time.  Every once in a while we even see their photos (taken by the great Ciree) posted on the Facebook page or sent to us.  Makes me smile every time. The mini-training sessions are awesome as well.  Christina has worked with our big-boy to get him to 'come' more readily and she even taught his parents (me!) how to reinforce at home.  Now, although the squirrels are still the enemy, he will come when he needs to let the 'enemy' be... And if your pup is filthy from playing in the mud and needs a bubble bath, well, they have that too.  Lucrezia isn't a 'fan' of the bath but she is taken care of by Rachel and the wonderful ladies in the Spa and comes out fluffy and smelling like a rose.  Cesare loves his bubbles too, although if he's around the other guys, he'll tell you he just puts up with it. :D My day is made easier by the love, care and devotion the staff at K9 treat our babies to every day.  If you love your baby and want them engaged, socialized and loved, this is the place to take them. Thanks Alicia, Natalie and everyone at K9!"