Puppy K9 Kamp

Puppy Kamp- Important Socialization for SIP Puppies!

Puppies need early socialization to make confident, friendly, and well-behaved companions.

Proper socialization requires experiences that are extremely hard to get if you are sheltering in place. Our Puppy Kamp is uniquely designed to improve your pup’s social skills and reduce or prevent issues like separation anxiety and fear aggression. We are introducing a well thought out and comprehensive program for vaccinated puppies 3 months to 12 months. A jump-start and or a catch-up to socialization experiences that all pups needs. Gain confidence and head off fear aggression.

It can become stressful and dangerous for a puppy to be under socialized.

Our trainers, staff and K9 friends have created a jam-packed paw-sitive Kamp. Experiences that are specifically designed to safely introduce several milestones to help them build their confidence, dog-to-dog communication, human-dog-interaction and practice how to be in new situations.

Dogs need friends too…but they need practice learning how to make them.

Puppy Kamp Includes:
3-days of daycare and a 2-night stay at K9 Activity Club.

Overnights will be in the cozy cottage with our overnight pet sitter.

3 Action Packed Days of:

  • Playtime with like sized dogs only
  • Socialization with safe dogs of all ages
  • Obstacle course time
  • Water play
  • Introduction to new surfaces and situations
  • Toy time
  • Puppy crate training
  • Treats
  • Training prep sessions- specific to your dog’s needs
  • New people with hats, wheelchairs, crutches, and bikes
  • Puppy social hour
  • Daily progress reports to keep you informed

Some Things Just Can’t Wait:
Learning dog manners during important socialization periods is critical. Learning to enjoy overnight stays for when families begin to travel again. Time away from the norm to prevent separation anxiety. Join our Puppy Kamp and your puppy will get an introduction to our training program and we will send you home with a four-week social & training recommendation plan for your pups continued success!

Let your pup have some fun during SIP while learning new skills and making friends at K9 Activity Club.

-Drop off Monday 10am- 12pm and fill out a brief questionnaire (with goals and concerns and about your pup) and then let us do what we do best!
-Pick up Wednesday 2- 4pm and enjoy your happy tired pup.

(Drop off and pick up windows are flexible, 7am-7pm)

Please call or text our reservationists at 707-569-1394 to get set up or click the link below to sign up online now!

Price: $395

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